Sky full of Stories is a unique sensory therapy and story telling company. We work with people of all ages and abilities. We provide a creative, interactive and sensory space for people to share and enjoy storytelling, arts, craft and relaxation.


  • Help everyone enjoy and participate in the arts of story telling, craft and relaxation
  • Provide a space where people can come together in a safe and fun atmosphere
  • Give people the opportunity to explore a range of multi-sensory activities, helping to develop confidence and personal ideas
  • Encourage you to express yourself in different ways, to be heard and have a voice
  • Be inclusive of all ages and abilities
  • Ensure your time with us is exciting, productive and meaningful

What are sensory stories?

Sensory stories unfold by engaging our five senses

They combine traditional story telling from around the world, with sound effects, lights, props, drama, smells and tastes, to bring the story alive. However you experience life, sensory stories are for you...

What Is The Sensory Tree?

Explore textures, shapes, colours, digital media and different themes to make your own sensory story. Then spend time relaxing in a soft and friendly space. Gentle music, coloured scarves, sensory tools, lights and massage bring you to complete calm...


Contact us by phone or email to arrange a free consultation and to discuss your individual needs. This will help us deliver the best possible creative story, craft and relaxation sessions. You can join our courses run in the community, or we can come to you in your care homes, hospices or schools.